tallulah lane


"Its obvious that the images Karen captures and develops are breathtaking. However, its what goes into capturing those moments that was so impressive to me. As a mom on family picture day, it can be quite stressful making sure everyone looks their best and is in the right mood for great pictures. But Karen's easygoing personality and way with kids and animals takes all the stress out of a session. Her warmth brings out each person's true self and eliminates any anxiety about clothing choices, smiles or behavior. The end result was treasured moments of each one of our children as individuals, as well as striking family shots that perfectly embodied all of us."
Angie Sell-Winnetka, IL

"I know this amazing photographer. Her work inspires me. She is a true artist. Creative. Patient. Kind. Gracious. I was blessed to have known her in my previous life (college days) and I am so thankful we have gotten back in touch. Thank you, Karen for these beautiful photos. You found the sweet spot for us."
Erica Collins-Valparaiso, IN {shared on Facebook December 2011}

"Thanks Karen, your work with our boys was just amazing. You are so talented–can’t imagine anyone else being able to get them both smiling and relaxed the way that you did. You made working with two boys in Houston summer heat seem easy. Love love how natural these shots are—we will enjoy them for years. Thanks again, can’t wait to see next year’s photos!"
Stephanie Grote-Sugar Land, TX

"Tears...Tears...We love these! I knew you would capture it and you did."
Jennifer Hempfling-The Woodlands, TX

"I have not known Karen for very long and our friendship – if I may call it that – has grown from my love of her work. Her images never cease to amaze me. I am in awe of what she captures. I am married to an art enthusiast and have grown to have an appreciation of refined work – this lady nails it. She inspires me in my day to day life – to appreciate and capture those precious family moments – save them in time."
Karen Winfield-Sugar Land, TX

"Thank you! You captured their personalities wonderfully. We love all of them so much – amazing work – yet again!"
Terri Edwards-Sugar Land, TX

Your work is truly outstanding and your outlook on life just as beautiful."
Natasha Bergeron-Flossmoor, IL

"Just wanted to let you know that I just looked at the blog, and cried. Your words about our family alone got me started and then the pictures of us were just perfect. You’re amazing! I’m going to have to build a new wall in my house to be able to find space for all the pictures. I love every one of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Teri Watson-Sugar Land, TX